Compassionate Leadership

دسته بندی: رهبری دیجیتال

The greatest challenge for most leaders is doing hard things in a human way.

 Leaders need to make decisions that impact people’s lives. They need to tell someone they did not get the promotion. They need to close an office, cancel a project, or manage an unpopular change. They need to give people tough feedback or let someone know they no longer have a job.
 All leaders have to do these things that negatively impact other people. And that is hard. It is hard because we as humans are good. By nature, we want to do good, and we don’t like to hurt others.
 The need for doing hard things in a human way is not new. But the need for it has recently increased. Today, people in companies expect a great work experience. They expect to feel connected, to feel valued, to feel cared for and cared about. This requires leaders who are able to create a more human world of work. When leaders manage to create this experience, people thrive and perform better.